Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The White Raven

The rubbish dumps have become an inexhaustible food source for the birds, are many the species that take advantage of this type of resource.
By this, this type of places, so disagreeable many aspects, has become places where it is possible to be observed a number of species, not very elevated but abundant of unit.
Yesterday approximately about 50 Common Raven in the zone of the rubbish dump of Villarcayo, accompanied by 20 White Stork, five Egyptian Vultures and a number also elevated of Black Kite, only two Eurasian Jackdaw , groups of Red-billed Chough.
Most showy, the presence of an albino Common Raven, very showy the white plumage, only black the tip of bill and the first primaries, but of totally normal behavior. In flight, very showy.

In another near zone of territories of culture a group of about 30 Sand Martin, Whinchat,
Northern Wheatear, Corn Bunting.