Friday, May 26, 2006

The Sound of Summer

There are two birds that when I listen to them, I think that definitively the summer has arrived, one of them, it is easy to listen in cities, towns, and villages, is the Common Swift, impressive its flights between the buildings, their persecutions and mainly the high-pitched voice incessantly emitted.
The other species is the Golden Oriole, bird that finishes arriving from Africa and that mainly in the borders of the rivers with trees is possible to listen to the wonderful song of the male and the shrill answer of the female.
The two species are present in the environs of the Mill of Canto Inn, and easily it is possible to be enjoyed the flights of the Common Swift, not that easy is to be able to see it movements of the Golden Oriole, its green and yellow plumages they are camouflaged perfectly between the trees.